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Monitoring Guidelines

Please read through the following instructions carefully:

  • Monitor sites are determined based on the contract between HeNN and E-Library sites.
  • The typical contract lasts for two years, with three monitoring two per year.
  • All volunteers should visit the E-Library Sites on the dates assigned by the coordinator. You can choose a convenient date within the assigned timeframe.

Before visiting the site, you should:

  1. Contact the teacher or principal of the school.
  2. Politely inquire about the condition of the E-Library, hardware or software issues.
  3. Ensure you have a solution to identified problems.
  4. Ask how students benefit from the E-Library.
  5. Inquire if E-Library contents are being used properly.
  6. Ask about the best route, travel time, and exact location of the school. You can consult experienced volunteers for this information.

In case of identified problems, obtain the necessary hardware from the HeNN office in Chabahil. For minor issues like power plug defects, which can be easily fixed, inform the principal. Let them know that any carelessness can be reported to HeNN, and components may be reallocated to other districts.

  1. Get an application from the HeNN office addressed to the principal. Suman Shrestha from HeNN will assist with this.

During Site Monitoring

  1. Hand over the application to the principal.
  2. Visit the E-Library and request assistance from the computer teacher.
  3. Create a checklist of every E-Library component (Server, 10 Clients, inverters, etc.). Thoroughly check both hardware and software, troubleshooting any issues.
  4. After resolving problems, teach the solutions to the computer teacher. Writing down the steps in their notes is advisable.
  5. Invite students to use the E-Library under your supervision:
    • Observe if students can start, log in, open applications, and use them independently.
    • Also, assess the computer teacher's skill level.
  6. Take pictures for your report, but be considerate of the students' feelings.

After Monitoring

  • Prepare an expenditure report and monitoring report.